Monday, January 4, 2010

My 2010 Blogging goals...

Bloggers all over are posting their goals for 2010 today.  As a blogger wannabe, I'm going to follow suit.  Here goes...
  1. Create multiple categories of posts that can be easily navigated.  For example, I would like to have posts related to adoption and foster care, practical money saving tips, creative sewing ideas, and a posts related to products I am designing and creating. 
  2. By the end of March, I would like to establish a strong direction and theme for my blog and be able to sum it up in one sentence.
  3. Learn how to customize my blog.
  4. Learn Facebook and Twitter
  5. Create a new list of goals at the end of March once I have learned more about blogging etiquette, lingo, and common practices.

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