Friday, January 1, 2010

Mopping Ceramic Tile...

I'll be honest, until recently I had a love affair with one of those powered mops that requires batteries, special cleaning solution, and disposable pads.  I must have spent a fortune just to keep my kitchen floor clean.  I used to rave to anyone who would listen about how wonderful the silly mop was.   Someone spilled their margarita one time at a party we were having, and when I got the mop out to clean it up, I gave an entire sales pitch for the mop for the benefit of the whole party.  Shortly afterwards, one of the guests told me they went out and bought it because I convinced them they couldn't live another day without it.  That wasn't the first time someone told me that I influenced their floor cleaning purchases, either.
After I'd been using the the wonder mop for awhile, I started getting a little suspicious about the fragrance.  It just smelled a little too good.  I decided that I would carry a spray bottle around with me when I mopped, and, instead of buying the expensive solution that mounts on the mop, I would spray the floor manually with my own solution.  This eliminated the need for batteries, I was able to save on cleaning solution, and I knew exactly what I was spraying on my floor.  Eventually, I decided that I couldn't justify the expense of the disposable pads and started wrapping the bottom of the mop with my own rags.  Take that, Mop Manufacturer!  You get no more of my money!  Anyway, I used that method for several months until the mop broke in half, and after I decided the duct tape I was using to hold it together wasn't really working, I decided it was time for a new approach.  I now have a mop that comes with a reusable, fabric, shower cap looking thing that goes over the head.  After use, I just throw it in the laundry.  I still carry my spray bottle with me.  I fill it about 1/4 full with vinegar and the rest is water.  Lately, I've been experimenting with adding a few drops of essential oil, but so far it has made the floors a little sticky.  I won't lie to you, though, this method requires a bit more elbow grease than the wonder mop, but it's not toxic and it won't break the bank.

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